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Jean Marie Farina - Eau de Cologne Spray - 6.6 fl oz

Jean Marie Farina - Eau de Cologne Spray - 6.6 fl oz L0019705

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At the heart of the fragrance, a refreshing benefit… Like going back to the source, back to the essential, Jean-Marie Farina brings you back to who you are. This fragrance has something timeless, eternal and moving. It's as if your soul could sense the benefits of the distilled plants at its heart. It has an imperial, stately feel. You could almost believe that the Jean-Marie Farina Eau de Cologne holds an important secret. Its magnificent freshness, full of amplitude, stretches as far as the horizon… A selection of natural and distilled precious essences was chosen for the Jean-Marie Farina Eau de Cologne. Distilled essences of petit grain, rosemary, lavender, oregano, sweet lime, myrtle, neroli, clove and lavandin Essences of lemon and orange Sage absolute Elemi resinoid

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