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Neroli - Wellbeing Shower Gel - 6.6 oz


Néroli - Orange Blossom - Immortelle
The summer warmth of Immortelle illuminated by the honeyed floral accents of Orange Blossom.
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The ecstasy of the sun, the gentle warmth of the rays on the skin... the Néroli Wellbeing Shower Gel, with its creamy foam, invites us to a sun bath revealing the honeyed and milky scents of the Orange Blossom. Enriched with natural Néroli essence with its relaxing properties and Aloe Vera, its cleansing base is 100% plant-based for ultra-gentle application to the skin and easy rinsing. In the shower or bath, its fine and generous foam leaves your skin moisturized and deliciously scented with the sunny floral notes of Néroli.

The Ritual

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